Vigor 3900 Series

  • WAN Múltiple

    WAN Múltiple

    • Gigabit Ethernet LAN / WAN e interfaces de fibra activa con balanceo de carga
    • Soporta balanceo de carga entrante (basado en Autorización DNS)
    • Alta Disponibilidad y failover
    • Configuración de cuota PPPoE y filtro de dirección MAC
  • Concentrador VPN

    Concentrador VPN

    • 500 conexiones VPN simultáneas y VPN Trunk failover
    • Robust Firewall and Bandwidth Management
    • Gestión Central para VPN / Firmware / Mantenimiento del Dispositivo
    • SMS, alertas de correo electrónico y perfiles de objetos de notificación para conexión WAN / VPN
    • Puerto USB compatible con backup de 3G / balanceo de carga y sensor de temperatura USB

DualWan giga VPN CSMQoS 3G 802.11n USB Firewall IPv6ready



  • Vigor 3900
    • 500 simultaneous VPN connections 
    • Gigabit Ethernet LAN/WAN and active fiber interfaces with load-balancing
    • High Availability and failover 
    • Robust Firewall and Bandwidth Management
    • Ease of management
    V3900 small
  • Especificaciones Tecnicas del Vigor3900series


    2 x 10/100/1000M Base-TX LAN switch, RJ-45

    1 x active fiber (SFP) slot

    4 x 10/100/1000M Base-TX WAN switch, RJ-45

    1 x active fiber (SFP) slot

    1 x console, RJ-45

    1 x factory reset button

    2 x USB host 2.0

    WAN Protocol


    PPPoE, PPTP, DHCP client, static IP, L2TP*, Ipv6

    Multi WAN

    Outbound policy based load balance

    4 dedicated Ethernet WAN ports (10/100/1000Mbps) and 1 active fiber (SFP) slot.

    WAN fail-over o load-balanced.


    By WAN interfaces traffic volume.

    By fixed VPN connection.

    Auto-detect line status.

    Service/IP based preference rules or auto-weight.

    Bandwidth on demand



    PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, L2TP over IPSec.

    Up to 500 connections simultaneously

    VPN trunking

    VPN load-balancing and VPN backup.

    VPN throughput


    NAT-traversal (NAT-T)VPN over routes without VPN pass-through.

    PKI certificate, Digital signature (X.509).

    IKE authentication, Pre-shared key; IKE.

    AuthenticationHardware-based, MD5, SHA-1.


    MPPE and hardware-based AES/DES/3DES.

    RADIUS client

    Authentication for PPTP remote dial-in.

    DHCP over IPSec*

    GRE over IPSec

    Dead Peer Detection (DPD)

    No additional client or remote site licensing required.

    Industrial-standard interoperability


    Allow users to use a web browser for secure remote user login tunnel mode, application mode, proxy mode

    Support 200 SSL tunnels*

    Content filter

    IM/P2P blocking, Java applet, cookies, active X, compressed, executable, multimedia file blocking.

    Web content filter

    Web content filter, Dynamic URL filtering database.

    Time schedule control*


    Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)


    Port redirection

    DMZ host

    Policy-based IP packet filter

    DoS/DDoS prevention

    IP address anti-spoofing

    Notification, E-mail alert* and logging via syslog.

    Bind IP to MAC address

    System management

    Web-based user interface (HTTP)

    Quick start wizard

    User management

    CLI(Command Line Interface, Telnet/SSH)

    DHCP client/relay/server

    Dynamic DNS

    Administration access controlT

    Configuration backup/restore

    Built-in diagnostic function, Dial-out trigger, routing table, ARP cache table, DHCP table, NAT sessions table, data flow monitor, traffic graph, ping diagnosis, trace route.

    NTP client/call scheduling

    Tag-based VLAN (802.1Q)

    Firmware upgrade via TFTP/HTTP

    Remote maintenance, Telnet/SSL, SSH (with password or public key), browser (HTTP/HTTPS), TFTP or SNMP, firmware upgrade via HTTP or TFTP.

    Logging via syslog

    SNMP management via SNMP v1/v2, MIB II.

    VigorACS SI Centralized Management

    TR-069 based

    Certificate management

    Advance encrypted method, A pair of public/priviate key for encryption/decryption.

    Comprehensive Certificate Authentication

    Trusted CA / Local Certificate / CA server.

    Bandwidth management

    Bandwidth management

    Bandwidth reservation

    DiffServ codepoint classifying

    Individual IP bandwidth/session limitation

    User-defined class-based rules

    QoS, Ingress/Egress Filter Rules monitor both LAN/WAN packets / 8 priority level setting.

    Routing functions

    Router, IP and NetBIOS/IP-multi-protocol router.

    Advanced routing and forwarding

    DNS cache/proxy.

    DHCP client/relay/server.


    Dynamic routing, Rip v.2

    Static routing

    High availability

    CARP Common address redundancy protocol.

    Enhanced security with encrypted packet.



    2-year limited warranty, technical support through e-mail and Internet FAQ/application notes.

    Firmware upgrade

    Free firmware upgrade from Internet.

    Declaration of conformity



    Operating : 0°C ~ 45°C

    Storage : -25°C ~ 70°C


    10% ~ 90% ( non-condensing )

    Max. Power

    10 Watt


    L 443 * W 280 * H 44 ( mm )


    DC 15V / 1.34A

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    explore subfolder image v1.3.3.2
    A compressed ZIP file Vigor3900_v1.3.3.2.zipDownload Preceding File /Firmware/v1.3.3.2 31.75 MB 2018-04-24
    explore subfolder image v1.4.0
    A compressed ZIP file Vigor3900_v1.4.0.zipDownload Preceding File /Firmware/v1.4.0 32.41 MB 2018-06-13
    explore subfolder image v1.4.1
    A compressed ZIP file Vigor3900_v1.4.1.zipDownload Preceding File /Firmware/v1.4.1 32.44 MB 2018-09-21
    explore subfolder image v1.4.2.1
    A compressed ZIP file Vigor3900_v1.4.2.1.zipDownload Preceding File /Firmware/v1.4.2.1 32.45 MB 2019-01-29
    explore subfolder image v1.4.3
    A compressed ZIP file Vigor3900_v1.4.3.zipDownload Preceding File /Firmware/v1.4.3 32.6 MB 2019-03-13
    explore subfolder image v1.4.4
    A compressed ZIP file Vigor3900_v1.4.4.zipDownload Preceding File /Firmware/v1.4.4 32.64 MB 2019-07-22
    explore subfolder image v1.5.1
    A compressed ZIP file Vigor3900_v1.5.1.zipDownload Preceding File /Firmware/v1.5.1 33.19 MB 2020-02-06
    explore subfolder image v1.5.1.1
    A compressed ZIP file Vigor3900_v1.5.1.1.zipDownload Preceding File /Firmware/v1.5.1.1 33.22 MB 2020-06-17
    explore subfolder image v1.5.1.2
    A compressed ZIP file Vigor3900_v1.5.1.2.zipDownload Preceding File /Firmware/v1.5.1.2 33.24 MB 2020-09-22
    An Adobe Acrobat file 2960-3900_datasheet-121119pdf.pdfDownload Preceding File Preview the file 727.85 KB 2014-04-07
    An Adobe Acrobat file QS-Vigor3900_-V1.5.pdfDownload Preceding File Preview the file 894.49 KB 2014-04-07
    An Adobe Acrobat file DrayTek_UG_Vigor3900_V2.8.pdfDownload Preceding File Preview the file 10.8 MB 2020-03-31

  • Esta demo interactiva le permite navegar por la interfaz de configuración de este equipo, debido a que es un demo algunas funcionalidades no estaran disponibles:

    Demo Interactiva, Vigor 3900 Series